About Me

Hello! Seeing that you clicked my “About Me” page, you clearly must want to know more about me, Derrick, the self-appointed film critic on this website. I feel so honored. Brief background information is that I was born a military brat and moved from California to North Carolina to Utah. The last of those states is where I currently reside. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved movies. Whether I was wearing down my family’s VHS tape of THE JUNGLE BOOK as a small child or thinking that MORTAL KOMBAT was legitimately good as a pre-teen, I’ve always had a fascination for cinema.

It should be noted that this is not my first blog as I used to run a strictly horror-only site known as Dead Derrick’s Reviews. In my three-year-long stint as Dead Derrick, I co-hosted a short-lived podcast (Dead Dark Hours), guest starred on Blackfoot Lounge (a slasher cast), repeatedly covered a local film fest (Salty Horror), and went to Sundance numerous times. Around Spring 2013, I burned myself out on crap that people shot in their backyards. After rekindling my love for all genres of cinema over the summer of 2013, I constructed this little blog and have tried to keep it a consistent movie review site ever since.

Me movie theater

Even though I have not attended film school, I have completed many Cinema Studies classes. Many movie theaters in my area (Cinemark, Megaplex, and the Salt Lake Film Society) serve as my second home. I’ll pretty much review anything that interests me. My movie taste includes everything from big budget tentpole releases to arthouse/indie/foreign fare to celebrated classics and forgotten gems. Simply put, I love movies and love to voice my opinions about movies online.

Thanks for checking out my site and I hope you stick around to read a few movie reviews. If you have a compliment, angry rant, or a recommendation, be sure to leave a comment or shoot an e-mail to dc90celluloid@gmail.com