ABCsDeath 2


Dogs, monsters, weapons of various kinds, tragic accidents and cold-blooded murder fill this anthology of twenty-six different ways to kick the can. A different word for each letter directed by a different filmmaker. Sounds ambitious? It is! Live up to the potential? Well, read the review…

Wolf 4


On DVD now. A paroled criminal finds himself caught between family dynamics, kick boxing, and the dark underbelly of crime in his city. As you can imagine, this combination doesn’t bode well for him…

Hellion 4


On DVD now. A delinquent boy finds himself at a crossroads in life when his younger brother is taken away by social services…

Boxtrolls 1


In this gross, creepy, and cool stop-motion fairy tale, a boy named Eggs must travel to the world above to protect his underground-dwelling box-wearing troll family…

THE EQUALIZER,  Denzel Washington, 2014, ph: Scott Garfield/©Columbia Pictures/courtesy Everett


Based on the 80’s TV series. Denzel Washington dispatches of Russian gangsters in creative ways for two hours. If that doesn’t have you at least a tad bit intrigued, I don’t know what to tell you…

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